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Value is purpose. It's what we create as human beings. Transforming our skills and time into value constitutes our lives. But we see it too often. Take the outcome of a multiple, round it off, draw a couple of comparisons, and we are satisfied enough. And we get drawn into all sorts of biases and expect everyone else to harmonise with our rough estimation. We shouldn't. The hunt for that one number is a complex exercise. There are multiple angles to consider, both systematic and unsystematic, tangible and intangible, past, present and future. Valuation also relies considerably on our ability to see beyond the textbook methods. If you are a start-up founder, business owner or future business acquirer, and wish to do away with randomness, let's talk.



We build financial models and design investment pitches for start-ups raising funds - both equity and debt.


In an independent capacity, we work with business owners who are considering an exit to assess fair values.


We assist future business acquirers in determining fair values of their targets.


We use Merger models to determine fair values of the integrated businesses.


We determine fair values of companies for business owners who wish to distribute their assets to their heirs.

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