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In this bundle you will get a  Private Company Valuation Report (in PowerPoint) with the Financial Model (in Excel).


Private companies are those companies whose shares are not listed on a public market. As such, there are no established prices for them.


There are three main methods to valuing a private company:

  1. Income-Based Method - the present discounted value of the income expected.
  2. Market-Based Method - based on pricing multiples from similar companies.
  3. Asset-Based Method - based on the values of the company's underlying assets less the value of related liabilities.


The report and model are based on an illustrative company, Neutrinos Inc., which is a distributor of chemical products in the United States. This case can be adapted to other similar companies.


You will get a financial model with great examples of a Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) approach and an Enterprise Value/EBITDA Multiple approach, including different forecasted scenarios and sensitivity analysis.


If you are drafting a valuation report for a private company, this is a compelling offer.

Private Company Valuation Report & Model

  • By Adil Aboobakar, CFA, Managing Partner, Intelitegen Limited.

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