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Important Disclaimer: Intelitegen is not a financial or investment advisor. Our reports are independent assessments on information shared with us. We are remunerated on the evaluation exercise and never on product referrals. If this changes, our clients or prospective clients will be advised accordingly. 


Investors are constantly being flooded with investment ideas and products. And a big chunk of them gets pitched as the next best triple-digit return opportunity. We are not even talking about institutional investors here.

We often observe that people invest based on feeling, hunch, or trust in the salespeople, without any due diligence at all. Beyond the investment product itself or the risk/return tradeoff, there are other often-neglected aspects which cannot justifiably escape an assessment, such as suitability, jurisdiction, tax implications, and legal recourse if things go wrong. 

We take enormous interest in taking investment products apart and seeing what is under the hood. If you are an investor having doubts about a particular proposal or you have a portfolio with which you feel uneasy, you have come to the right place. Send us a factsheet or your latest portfolio statement and we will tell you objectively what we think.

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We dig into the fine print to determine the legal covenants, jurisdictions of the different parties, and investor protection clauses to assess the strength of possible recourse.

We partner with legal advisors in this exercise.


We assess the risk/return profile, liquidity, maturity, and other product-specific characteristics of the investment product or portfolio. Only when an investor has this information that suitability can be determined.


The same cash flows can be taxed differently depending on the investor's fiscal residence. We partner with tax advisors to dig deeper into the tax implications of investment products.

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