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We have modelled more than USD 400 million in project value.

Some of the reasons why people turn to us for business valuation services:

  1. Valuation of start-ups from seed to eventual funding rounds, investment pitch and memo design from the sell side, and analysis, contract review, and monitoring from the buy side.

  2. Project financing with a special interest for clean energy and sustainable projects.

  3. Company acquisition and sale, with representations from both buy side and sell side.

  4. Interest acquisition and sale, with representations from both buy side and sell side.

  5. For the purposes of financial reporting, to establish the value of assets to be recorded in financial statements.

  6. For the purposes of estate planning, which includes valuation of interests held in companies, partnerships, or real properties.


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The E-Shop for All that is Geeky

We know how hard it is to find quality templates at good prices online. 

Initially, we just built financial models, designed investment pitches, and produced reports for our clients and our own. Now, we are bringing these models and templates out in the open at affordable prices. We aim to constantly bring updates here. 
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If valuation is said to be based on perception, well, perception is based on interpreted facts. Our job is to reduce that room for interpretation and bring our clients closer to facts.

Founded in 2017 on the beautiful island of Mauritius, Intelitegen Limited has a focus on valuation.

Adil Aboobakar, CFA

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A CFA Charterholder and a graduate in Finance and Accounting (Honours) from the University of Cape Town, Adil is a frontline investment professional with more than thirteen years’ experience in the financial services industry, both in Mauritius and Switzerland.

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