Adil Aboobakar, CFA

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Scribbles is dedicated to the independent mind. 

For we know we are born free - For we know unjust systems are not eternal - For we know our privileges are not the result of silence in the face of abuse. 

I'm from the island of Mauritius. I'm Creole, as much as I'm African, as much as I'm Asian, as much as I'm 'White'.  I'm proud of my anthem - as one people, as one nation.

I believe wrong incentives are at the source of our divisions. A World condominium is the closest to my ideals - as citizens of the World, we should all have a say on how appointed leaders handle our planet.

I'm an investment professional. I believe in investment, not buying perceptions. I believe people should be at the root of the creation of units of exchange - money - and not centralised institutions. 

This is my independent space.

I begin in the name of God.

Welcome! :)